Saturday, 28 March 2009

First words . . .

This is my first blog.


As in ever, ever.

It's scary, kind of. But a man has gotta start somewhere, no?

Welcome to my mind. But it's not my mind, really. I mean, I don't think I'm the only one in here. (Hold on! No, I'm not losing it. Just stay with me a moment.) What I mean is, every author I've ever read, every movie I've ever seen, every song I've ever heard,
every single encounter -- they're all here too, all a part of me, whether I realise it or not.

Which means whatever I hold as my opinions on any subject are a function of who and what I've interacted with, dead or alive, in person or in print. Which then makes me, I think, something of a moderator in this inner space called my mind. I get to make the ultimate decision on who matters, who doesn't and who's under consideration. And so I am fully responsible for the final opinions and decisions, whoever I may have consulted on my way there.

These, then, are my thoughts. This is life from where I stand.

Once more, welcome.